Hi! My name is Maria Camila. I am a 24 year old colombian. I am an Astrophysicist and a Systems & Computing Engineer. Currently I am a master student in Computer Science at Université Paris-Saclay in Paris, France. I am very interested in the areas of: cryptography, high performance computing, human-computer interaction, data science and astrophysical simulations. My favorite programming language (which was also my first) is Python, but I also really like C and Java.

In this website you will find out more about me, the projects I have worked on and the things I’m interested in. Here is my Curriculum Vitae available to download in PDF format:

Download CV

Download CV


  • June 2011

    Started coding

  • December 2011

    Graduated from High School

  • Mar 2017 / Jul 2018

    Graduated from Uniandes as a Physicist & Engineer

  • Aug 2018 - Today

    Started master in Computer Science in Paris, France


In the following sections you can find more information about: the academic projects I have worked on, my explorations in the world of art and my public speaking presentations:


Feel free to send me an email!